Hotel Finder is proud to introduce the Hotel Finder. Hotel Finder is a tool that leverages your existing hotel database(s) to present a mapped view of each hotel location. brings your hotel database to life by giving you the presentation power to show a Google Map™ of each of your hotels.

Now you can show each hotel in your agency's database. Once a hotel is selected from's easy to use interface, a detailed map is presented that shows your selected hotel, along with all of the surrounding hotels within a selected proximity. It's that easy.

Once Hotel Finder presents your map, you can then select any hotel to display drill-down information. Information such as the hotel name, address, latitude/longitude, or any other data are shown in an easy-to-view popup. Additionally, your agency can opt to show additional detail data that includes:

Example Uses
View hotels globally in a simple to see map.
View all hotels in close proximity to any hotel.
View all hotels in close proximity to any airport.
Add, update, modify and delete from the map:
  • GDS property codes
  • Negotiated rates
  • Preferred rate codes
  • Latitude/longitude coordinates
Quickly view any hotel's current inventory status.
Quickly view any hotel's current commissions status. strives to provide your agency with the greatest array of flexibility in presenting your data. When your data looks good, you look good.

To start trying out's Hotel Finder for yourself, click here to start experiencing a new world of hotel management.