Hotel Lister is proud to introduce the Hotel Lister. Hotel Lister is a tool that leverages your existing hotel database(s) to present a report view of each location. Information is displayed includes the hotel name, address and geocode location information. Additionally, options such as Global Distribution Systems (GDS) codes can be displayed.

As your data becomes more complex, also offers the ability to report and search by any field in your database. For example, if you are searching for all hotels in China, or any other country or region, the Hotel Lister provides a simple interface to query any of the available search fields in your hotel database.

Example Uses
Hotel Master Viewing and Data Management
Add, update, modify and delete any hotel in your existing hotel database(s).
Manage hotel codes and rates:
  • GDS property codes
  • Negotiated rates
  • Preferred rate codes
GeoCode management - Maintain hotel latitude and longitude coordinates.
Hotel Inventory Management - Maintain hotel inventory status.
Create a customized hotel program.
Hotel Commission Management - Track commissions per hotel, chain and/or branch code(s).

Once input, you can link the Hotel Lister to the Hotel Proximity Finder tool. This allows you to drill down even further by showing a visible Google Maps™ with each hotel in the vicinity of any hotel you select.

To start trying out's Hotel Lister for yourself, click here to start experiencing a new world of hotel management.