Skky Maps

Click here to request a demonstration is proud to introduce the Skky Map, a comprehensive mapping tool for building and saving your customer's itineraries. To, there is no better use for maps than in the travel industry.

Skky Maps are the newest way to provide an easy-to-use interface for your client's travel booking needs. By showing and storing each of your customer's itineraries, greater look-to-book ratios are achieved. Additionally, your clients are presented with a much more intuitive and natural interface for looking at their itinerary.

One more great benefit of Skky Maps, are the ability to save every map and itinerary each traveler has ever built. This opens a huge opportunity in that travelers can now just call up a previous map, and say rebook that itinerary with a new date. True booking power indeed.

Example Uses
Easily view your entire itinerary on one screen.
Maintain a historical list of itinteraries - per user, per account, and per agency.
Add, update, modify and delete itineraries and segments.
Book online from an easy-to-use map interface.
Quick find itinerary information - distances, hotels, cities and carbon data.

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