Master Data Management makes its mark in travel by managing the ever mounting volumes of data. With new sources of travel data arriving daily, you need a partner that can manage this managerie of data. How do you find a way to extract travel intelligence that is meaningful?

This is where's outlook of master data management, or MDM, comes into place. MDM is a central data store that takes a snapshot of every relevant database in your datacenter. Using this snapshot, opens a secure reporting portal for your web, mobile, print, fax, and e-mail targets. This ensures your mission-critical systems stay online uninterrupted, while providing a dedicated report source for your customized travel intelligence needs. This cycle is predictable, repeatable and opens a portal for digging broader and deeper into your agency's strategic information potential.

To get in front of your customer's travel intelligence needs, a data framework that offers flexible reporting is a must. The following diagram illustrates's implementation for master data management. Master Data Management


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