Travel Intelligence

Is management asking you:

Are your customers asking:

If these are among the questions you are being asked, is your answer. We are an experienced travel company that know the complexities that you are facing when juggling clients, travel providers and managers at the same time. Our travel intelligence experience will bring world-class industry experience to augment your travel and information management teams. No punches, just dedicated industry know-how.

Here are just some of the travel intelligence opportunities can bring to your agency:

Examples of Travel Intelligence Opportunities
Manage and forecast your agency's current hotel merchant inventory or air consolidator inventory.
A report of every account's current travel spend with your agency by air, car, hotel, tour or any other option.
Forecast your client's spend next year to tailor the RFP process to your advantage.
Account profitability analysis:
  • Per annum, per quarter, per month or any other date range
  • By GDS and/or GNE
  • By negotiated rates
  • Per travel supplier
  • By online volume
Commission reports to determine where agents should promote what vendors and/or to what markets.
Market promotion and campaign analysis.
Many, many more reporting and analysis options. provides your agency with the greatest array of flexibility in presenting your data. When your data looks good, you look good. To start trying's products for yourself, click here. Or to contact someone directly regarding your unique travel intelligence needs, contact David Dietrich at 714.809.3283.